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The YUKANE® Anti-lime kit is a compact electronic system designed for the physical treatment of water. This system is based on the most advanced technology. The YUKANE® anti-lime not only avoids lime cumulus but also removes the accumulated lime from pipes, taps, water heaters, electric boilers, central heating circuits, swimming-pools, electrical appliances and whichever kind of appliance through which water flows.

Problems with lime

Accumulated lime in pipes, taps, electrical appliances, industrial equipments, etc, causes several problems:

  • A great loss of water volume and water pressure.
  • Great repair and maintenance costs of pipes, taps, electrical appliances, industrial equipments, etc.
  • Great cleaning costs together with the need of using aggressive cleaning products.
  • A great reduction in the industrial estate output.

Problems related to lime should be treated to avoid great repair costs. It is just a question of time the fact of having to change pipes and acquire new electrical appliances or industrial equipments.

Main benefits from the use of the YUKANE® Anti-lime:

  • 25% of energy saving.
  • Progressive elimination of existing lime fillings.
  • Chlorine flavor is reduced.
  • The environment is respected because it does not use either chemical salts or chemical products.
  • Important minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium are not eliminated.
  • Food and drinks keep their natural flavour.
  • Clothes and skin are softer.
  • Less cleaning costs.
  • The life of pipes and electrical appliances is extended.
  • Easy installation: pipes are not cut off.
  • No maintenance.
  • Low cost.

Extra benefits from the use of YUKANE® Anti-lime in swimming-pools:

  • The quality of water is improved.
  • Chloramines are turned into free chlorine, thus reducing the flavour and smell of chlorine and skin irritations.
  • The elimination of waste products is facilitated, thus saving around 40-50% of energy and water.
  • The need of using chemical coagulants is reduced and skin PH is kept in its peak condition.
  • The consumption of chlorine is reduced.
  • Slim marks and the appearance of weeds are reduced.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Low electricity consumption, around 4 €/year.
  • Suitable for all kind of pipes (PVC, copper, galvanized steel, etc.) until 25 mm of diameter.
  • Made in the EU.
  • Approved by the EU.
  • YUKANE® AY02 complies with the regulation IEC 60335-1.
  • Ten-year guarantee.
  • Twelve-month satisfaction guarantee. This condition, will be write in your invoice.

Principle of working

The YUKANE® anti-lime kit issues low frequency signals that reverberate on the water through an impulse coil placed inside the tube. These signals are not transmitted in a synchronized way thus creating a heavy induced electrical field. This field avoids the crystallization of minerals that are dissolved in the water such as calcium or magnesium, before they become calcified on the walls of pipes, taps, water heaters, electric boilers, central heating circuits, pools, electrical appliances, etc. Because these minerals are not embedded, they are in suspension forming a thin calcareous power that is eliminated without realizing while using this system.

The water will keep its physical properties when passing through this induced heavy electrical field in about five days. Gradually, lime sediments appeared before the placement of this YUKANE® system will be eliminated. Due to this fact, it is possible that along the first weeks after its placement, the accumulation of greater lime sediments can be seen in the tap filters and hand-held showers. These sediments will be cleaned easily because they do not adhere. This first nuisance does not happen in a new home.

This technology is the product of modern research on the electronic field and it has reached a real revolution in relation to the physical treatment of the water. The result is the Anti-lime YUKANE® kit, an effective anti-lime system that is capable of eliminating and preventing lime. Therefore, problems in plumbing are avoided and working and maintenance costs are reduced.

By means of the Anti-lime YUKANE® kit, the water is not chemically altered because it is placed on the pipe. This system does not get in direct contact with the water. So, our body can continue enjoying calcium, oligo-elements and other important minerals that are in the water. Meals and drinks keep their original flavour.

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