Solar Energy
The thermal solar energy is one of the great bets of YUKANE®, is economic and profitable of the renewable energies and presents/displays several possibilities of use with the purpose of as much saving costs in pyme as in the domestic economy.

Possibilities that offer:

         - Sanitary Hot Water.
         - Solar heating.
         - Heating of swimming pools.

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The photovoltaic solar energy is the electrical energy that is obtained directly from the sun.

The sun is a gratuitous, inexhaustible and clean power plant, since its use does not produce gas discharges of effect conservatory.

By means of photovoltaic panels, you can produce electricity during the day, store it and to consume it later.
If you are connected to the electrical company we can place photovoltaic panels and sell all the electricity generated to Iberdrola, amortizing and obtaining benefit of your investment with an annual yield nearly the 10%.
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